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Memory of Bucharest
A project about the memory of Bucharest in photography to launch the candidature as cultural capital 2021

In the Gabroveni inn, recently restored from EEA grants, the doors were opened by exhibitions of ArCUB, one of them dealing with "Memory" to participatively collect memories of the city in photography when launching the candidature for 2021, when the European Cultural Capital will be from Romania.

Memory project exhibition
Maria Bostenaru, 2015 / CC BY
Memory project exhibition
Inns, in Romanian "han", are the precursors of hotels in Bucharest, developed from the Ottoman time. The historic centre features some, while the basements of others are hidden underneath the streets. Some of them were the type of "commercial passage" as it is today the "Hanul cu tei" and as was the "Hanul Gaborveni". In the 2000s the Gabroveni inn was the triste image of a ruin, only the beautiful door kept intact. In 2012 it was restored with EEA grants and transformed into a cultural space, which opened on the occasion of the days of Bucharest at the 555th anniversary in 2014. However, it is not a throughout passage anymore, and not commercial, thus public space lost something.
An occasion for Gabroveni Inn to open is the exhibition "Memory" of ArCUB, which has the headquarters there. This participative project has 3 phases, the first dealing with pre2000 memory. Archives and citizens are invited to contribute. 
29th of April an event on green Bucharest took place, invited were Nicolas Triboi, a French landscape architect based in Romania, Mihaela Harmanescu and Diana Culescu. The following long weekend was dedicated to pin on a projected map the favourite green spaces in Bucharest.

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03. May 2015
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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