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A new diploma for landscape architects in France in 2015
Diplôme d’Etat de paysagiste / DEP

In November 2014, the French government voted a legislative decree regarding the diplomas in landscape architecture in France. The old diploma “Paysagiste DPLG” (Paysagiste Diplômé par le gouvernement / Government certified Landscape Architect) has been replaced by the new “Diplôme d’Etat de Paysagiste” (literally: State certified Landscape Architect).

This decree has been signed under the authority of the Ministry of Agriculture, which supervises the Versailles National School of Landscape Architecture, in accordance with the Ministry of Culture, supervising the Schools of landscape architecture of Lille and Bordeaux, and the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, which supervises the School of Blois. This new diploma is for these four schools, while the fifth French school of landscape architecture in Angers, supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture, keeps its Master of Engineering in Landscape Architecture. The new diploma will be equivalent to a Master at the European level.

 Full text in French:

In April 2015, the admission examinations for the new diploma will be held at the Schools of landscape architecture in Versailles/Marseille, Lille, Bordeaux and Blois. 

 The four schools participating to the new diploma will offer a bridging course / preparation of two years after the baccalauréat / A level. At this point, every student will have to pass the admission examination in order to proceed to the next three years leading to the diploma. In essence, the diploma will be delivered after 5 years of studying landscape architecture, two years of bridging course and three years of diploma, with the following points to take into account: 

 · The admission tests are national and for all students wanting to study for the three years diploma; this means some French students can change school on an internal basis (for example, having studied at Bordeaux for the two first bridging course years and change to Versailles to obtain their diploma, but this option will be limited in numbers); 

 · some International students will be able to pass the admissions tests providing they have the requisite European credits (equivalent to the two years bridging course) and a degree (for example a Bachelor’s degree in a related discipline); and  

· some French students will be able to pass the admission tests on an external basis (for example, students who have got a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts or another related discipline, equivalent to the two years bridging course). 

 Versailles will still be offering an additional year, called post-DEP, effectively its former 6th year, to ensure its students do not fail to achieve the quality of the old system, if they wish. 

 Information in French on the website of the School of Versailles :

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26. Feb 2015
Reported by Anaïs Leger-Smith



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