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Village Museum in Bucharest to represent country image
The search for Romanian identity in an open air museum

The Village Museum in Bucharest is the first institution to receive the "country brand" certificate. Situated on the "Emerald necklace" of the Le Notre forum 2015, the museum is one contributing to Romanian identity being a tourist highlight, but also through a strong research activity. 

Muzeul Satului
Maria Bostenaru, 2009 / CC BY
Muzeul Satului
As students, we used to go to the Village Museum to draw after nature - the rural landscape was a oasis in the crowded city, and the different patterns from various parts of the country rich in detail and representation of materials. We were not tourists, we were searching for Romanian identity as we the current certificate.

The Village Museum in Bucharest is a must see for every visitor of the capital of Romania. It is not the only of its kind in the country, the ASTRA museum in Sibiu being a relative currently funded from EEA funds, both being among the most visited museums in Romania (

The Village Museum in Bucharest is situated in the north of the city, on the shores of the Herastrau lake, along with the park of the same name. The Herastrau lake is one of the Emerald necklace proposed for the Le Notre Forum 2015. The Museum is contemporary to the park, both being founded in the interwar time. The Museum dates back 1936, and started under the leadership of sociologist Dimitrie Gusti, the name of whom it bears.

The Museum features currently 80 peasant houses (an enrichment from the start of 30) from all over Romania, reconstructed here. It has a strong research activity, and carrying out cultural projects. Events connected to different festive days of the year are carried out here (in the photo: the Saint Dumitru fair). Important is also the collection of decorative objects, particularly textiles.

The Museum was the first institutional member of ICOMOS Romania.

23rd of January 2015 the Village Museum was the first institution in Romania to receive the "country brand" certificate. It is an innitiative to strengthen Romania's tourism dimension, and, with its visitor numbers and research activity this museum is suitable. The "country brand" innitiative is started, according to by the Romanian association part of Consumers International. The goal is to promote Romanian brands as part of identity.

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02. Feb 2015
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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