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Villa Valarana ai Nana, Vicenza: UNESCO concern at impact of proposed line of Verona- Padova high speed railway
UNESCO have written to the City of Verona expressing concern at the impact of the route of the

The line of the proposed Verona- Padova high speed railway passes close to Palladio's Rotonda and then crosses the Monte Berico, the hill overlooking the historic city, and then close to the Villa Valmarana. 

[no image] UNESCO have written to the City of Vicenza expressing concern at the impact of the propose railway line. The letter, signed by the Director of UNESCO's ministry Gianni Bonazzi, comes after a letter from Professor Francesca Leder, of the University of Ferrara and member of OUT (Osservatorio urbano-territoriale Vicenza),who had reported on 30 December 2014 "strong concerns" about the impact of the by railway project sponsored by the city of Vicenza, the Chamber of Commerce and supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The town of Vicenza and the Palladian Villas of the Veneto were designated a world heritage site in 1994, largely because it is seen as the birthplace of Palladian architecture,

See Corriere del Veneto, 3 Jan. 2015

Source of Report

Guardian 9 Jan. 2015 -


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12. Jan 2015
Reported by Robert Holden, London


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