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Michel Corajoud 1937 – 2014
A masterful landscape architect and generous teacher

Karine Helms, teacher at the School of Landscape Architecture ENSP Versailles, depicts the inspiring career of French landscape architect and teacher Michel Corajoud. He has changed landscape architecture,its design process, its pedagogy, promoting it as a profession and as a discipline, in France and far beyond. Thus, the younger generation of landscape architects have an precious legacy to take forward.

Michel Corajoud
Michel Corajoud
Landscape architecture as a modern discipline is a very young profession and in France we were lucky that till now we could exchange ideas with and interview our seniors who had advanced the theory and practice of the discipline. Michel Corajoud was one of those who invested a major portion of their time to redefine the role of the discipline. On October 29, we have lost one of our most talented teachers and this marks a significant change for all those who received their education through him. The baton has been passed on to the next generation, it is they who are in charge of the discipline, of promoting, preserving and innovating it as Michel taught them...(link below to read further)
Michel Corajoud obituary (Topos blog, 12.11.2014)

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20. Nov 2014
Reported by Anaïs Leger-Smith



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