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Restoration project with landscape component wins prize at the Romanian Architecture Biennale
Centre for Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape in place of the "Water factory" in Suceava

An industrial architecture piece, 102 years old, won the prize in the restoration of built heritage section of the Romanian Architecture Biennale. In its new form, the structure is covered by green slopes, to enhance the dedication to promotion of landscape, along with architecture and urban culture.

Centre for Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape
Maria Bostenaru, 2012 / CC BY
Centre for Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape
1912 Suceava belonged to Bucovina, in the Austro-Hungarian empire. Among the infrastructure provided by the empire was water, and the now Centre for Architecture, Urban Culture and Landscape was then the so-called "water factory": a structure of two huge cylinders, about 1 m thick, out of unreinforced concrete.
2012 was bringing new life to the construction, after a series of events funded by the architects' order in that county. We had the occasion to participate at the symposium organised, and present the urban dimension of conversion of industrial architecture, mostly German examples, including the IBA Emscher Park. 10th of August, when it was the anniversary of the erection of the structure, a glass of water was dedicated to the new life, and Bucovina is a brand in the Romanian mineral water market.
The Jury of the 2014 Architecture Biennale judged that one of the merits of the conversion is that the cultural value increased from nearly zero to very high with the conversion. The previously separated cylinders have been united, and an entrance to them provided in a green slope as a roof above them.
Today the converted structure, author Constantin Gorcea, is house of cultural events, under the umbrella of its dedication as Centre for Architecture, Urban Culture, and Landscape. Staff involved in landscape teaching at the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism was involved in the event (Irina Cioangher).
More about the centre on its webpage:
The presentation of the prize:

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17. Oct 2014
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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