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300 years anniversary at Mogosoaia
The palace and the garden gained different significance in history

Bracoveanu, Marthe Bibesco, GM Cantacuzino are names to be connected to the palace, but the park is not less important and it has also been restored in recent years.

Mogosoaia palace
Maria Bostenaru, 2002 / CC BY
Mogosoaia palace
300 years from the martyrium of Brancoveanu voivod of Romania were celebrated at Mogosoaia palace this year, in the church, in a year also otherwise dedicated to commemoration. Art historian Oana Marinache conducts a series of conferences on the heritage of the families related to Brancoveanu at the palace this year (Basarab-Bibescu-Brancoveanu). 
The Romanian Architecture Biennale will start with a conference on commemorative heritage on the 14th of October.
But this is not the only significance of the palace. It has been favourite place of Marthe Bibesco and hence a pilgership place for pioneer women, and the place restored by GM Cantacuzino by that time, one of the architects who suffered Communist prisonership. In fact, the palace made Cantacuzino turn towards architecture, and marked a dialogue between classical and modern in his architecture.  A intinerary exhibition on Cantacuzino's work is present in Germany and the UK.
Recently the gardens were restaurated by Nicolas Triboi. A main feature of the park is the relationship with the lake, which belongs to the lake belt north of Bucharest. The part of the chain in the city of Bucharest will be subject of the Le Notre student competition.
At the moment the 300 years exhibition is in Budapest.

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06. Oct 2014
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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