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The Bearpit Improvement Group, Bristol, UK
A community project to reclaim a Bristol roundabout

Bristol is a good place for many community public space/garden projects. In 2015, the city will be the European Green Capital, partly due to its diverse vibrant green/grass roots initiatives. The Bearpit Improvement Group (BIG) is a community group that wish to transform the well-known and central “Bearpit” roundabout into a space that is welcoming, safe, diverse and inclusive.

Bear Pit Community Project, Bristol, UK
Bear Pit Community Project, Bristol, UK
The Bearpit is a really central urban roundabout in Bristol which people have to cross through underpasses to reach the city centre. The Bearpit Improvement Group (BIG) is a community group that wishto transform the “Bearpit” into a space that is welcoming, safe, diverse and inclusive. Thus through diverse means: trade (setting up maket), art (urban exhibitions are on the run every month), greening (planting the space), play (installing play facilities) and heritage. 

Recently, a landscape approach initiative has started involving Grow Wild, Groundwork South and local residents to transform the Bear Pit roundabout. They were able to help create positive change for their local community by getting hands on at planting days allowing everyone to get involved. The People’s Garden will start off with colouring up the Bearpit with 6 unique tetris themed mobile planters with incorporated seating. This whole project is about learning the important role wildflowers play to the ecosystem and offer the public a unique setting to spend some time in the space. The group will be running a 3 community building days to realise the project. They will launch the garden on the 27th September.

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22. Sep 2014
Reported by Anaïs Leger-Smith



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