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French Photo contest « Mon paysage au quotidien » (My daily landscape)
23th September - 13th October 2014 / Paris, France

Everyday French landscapes as perceived by its inhabitants

category amateur / CC BY
category amateur
Organised by the landscape office of the French Ministry of Ecology (partly in charge of national landscape policies) and the Ministry of National Education, this exhibition showcases awarded pictures of “everyday landscapes in France as perceived by its inhabitants”. More than 10 000 people, students or amateurs, have submitted a picture showing how they perceive their surrounding landscape in their usual environment. The exhibition takes place at “Berges de Seine”, a temporary shared public space set up for the summer including artistic installations, cafes and activities along the river Seine’s Left Bank, in Paris (free access).

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12. Sep 2014
Reported by Anaïs Leger-Smith



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