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Vienna International Garden Show 1964 Retrospective

50 years ago the opening of the Vienna International Garden Show (Wiener Internationale Gartenausstellung, WIG 1964) was celebrated in today's Donaupark in Viennas 22nd district.

TV Tower in Vienna's Donaupark
Richard Stiles
TV Tower in Vienna's Donaupark
Attractions of the garden show included the new Danube Tower with a revolving restaurant, a chairlift that would allow visitors to see the flower beds from above, a 41 meter high greenhouse tower, modern pavilions and a lake created for the exhibition. The show was Europe’s largest of its kind and drew the attention of more than 2 million visitors. At the same time one of the largest parks in Vienna was created in an area that used to be – among other things – a waste dump.

An exhibition at the Vienna Museum (Wien Museum) now provides insights to the history and project development of the show and, above all, its impact on urban planning in post-war Vienna. The exhibition was curated in cooperation with the Vienna University of Life Sciences, Institute for Landscape Architecture.

In parallel the museum currently houses another temporary exhibition on a different large scale event which was shaping the urban structure further back in time themed ‘The Metropolis Experiment – Vienna and the 1873 World Exhibition’. The World Exhibition marked another important period of transformation and rapid growth of the city and took place in Viennas Prater Park.

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24. Aug 2014
Reported by Ida Fasching, Vienna


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