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Carol park and the anniversary significance of 2014
About the heroes memorial and the first Romanian king

Carol park in Bucharest was designed as an exhibition in 1906. The exhibition is now only virtually reconstructed, but a park took shape in its place, featuring a memorial of the war heroes of 1877, visited on the day of the monument in this ICOMOS anniversary year of the start of WW1.

Carol I park in Bucharest
Maria Bostenaru / CC BY
Carol I park in Bucharest
2014 marks through a series of initiatives 100 years since the begin of World War I. Memorial monuments have been the subject of attention, such as at a series of events on this year's occasion of the day of the monument organised by ICOMOS. Delegates visited the soldier's monument in the Carol park in Bucharest. The monument was designed by architect Nicolae Cucu, an architect who also was trained in Italy, but later on, in comunist time. There are ongoing projects on the work of the architect. Couple of years ago it was subject of protest the intention to demolish it and replace by the national cathedral, which at the end was placed behind the parliament building.
The park itself started in 1906 as exhibition on the occasion of 40 years of leadership of Carol I and 25 years since Romania become a kingdom. This year is also an anniversary of king Carol I: 175 since the birth and 100 years since the death. The virtual reconstruction of the exhibition was done between 2013 and 2014 by Idei Urbane, but it stopped before being completely finished.
Parks generated by exhibitions are nationally not rare, as they are not internationally. Herastrau park started with the exhibition Luna Bucurestilor (Bucharest month) in the interwar time.
The Le Notre internal space features data on the park design ( and on the landscape plan done by the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urban Planning (

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21. Aug 2014
Reported by Maria BOSTENARU DAN


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