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Towards the protection of a professional title for French landscape architects?

The creation of the title “paysagiste concepteur” to be discussed as part of a draft law on biodiversity.

The eco-neighbourgood of La Deule, Lille, landscape architect: Atelier Bruel-Delmar, Paris
photo: A. Leger-Smith / CC BY
The eco-neighbourgood of La Deule, Lille, landscape architect: Atelier Bruel-Delmar, Paris
A draft framework law on biodiversity is currently being considered in France. On the 26th June, ten amendments have been voted at the France’s Assemblée Nationale, but 17 still remain unexamined. Amongst the latter, one amendment concerns the status of the landscape architects in France and the creation of a protected professional title: “paysagiste concepteur” (landscape designer). This is an alternative to the title “architecte du paysage” (landscape architect) because the use of the word “architect” is protected by l’Ordre des architectes, the French architectural association. 

 The Fédération Française du Paysage (French Federation of Landscape Architecture) has argued in favour of this title though three main points. First, French landscape architects practise widely in the context of public calls for tenders. However, in the tendering process, the absence of a title can be detrimental when compared to other protected urban professions. Second, such a title could promote a French savoir-faire in landscape architecture. Third, the contribution of landscape architects to the development of biodiversity is undisputable. 

 In favour of the creation of a protected title as part of the biodiversity bill, the Fédération develops some interesting ideas: the landscape architect is a major actor regarding biodiversity issues. Through their design proposals, they unravel the existing conditions of the place, including the cultural and natural characteristics. This site-specific approach is prioritized in comparison to a top-down traditional urban planning attitude. The design proposals are processed-based and take into account the dynamic transformations of the landscape. They organize relationships, ecosystems, their approach is transversal. 

 The 17 unexamined amendments are to be discussed further in September/October. The Fédérationhas requested to meet the minister of ecology, sustainable development and energy, Ségolène Royal, to defend their position and introduce one amendment in favour of a protected title within the biodiversity bill.

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22. Jul 2014
Reported by Anaïs Leger-Smith



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