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Call for abstracts 'IFLA-APR Fifth International Cultural Landscape Conference, 2014

The Iranian Society of Landscape Professions (ISLAP) and IFLA-APR welcome you to the Fifth International Cultural Landscape Conference, which will be held in TEHRAN, IRAN during November 17-18, 2014. The main theme for the congress is “Urban Cultural Landscape: Past, Present, Future”.

International Cultural Landscape Conference
Mohammad Motallebi
International Cultural Landscape Conference
This event provides an interdisciplinary forum for the exchange of current research, knowledge and practical experience among scientists, decision-makers and practitioners, in the worldwide. Please find more information about abstracts submission and online registration on the conference website: Topics Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) Contemporary Urban Cultural Landscape Future Urban Cultural Landscape Sub-Topics - Identification, Protection, Restoration, and Integration of Heritage Cultural Landscapes into the Future of Cities - Tangible and Intangible Values - Collective Memories - Genius Loci - Socio-Economic Impacts - UNESCO Recommendation on the Historic Urban Landscape - Employing the HUL Tool Groups: 1. Community Engagement 2. Knowledge and Planning 3. Regulatory Systems 4. Financial Tools - Urban Cultural Landscapes as an Umbrella to Drive Sustainability - Urban Development Transformation Challenges - Integration of Urban Heritage Assets with Future City Growth - Globalization and Pressure for Increased Homogeneity - Cultural Diversity and Creativity as an Engine for Vitality - Urban Interventions Management - Managing and Innovating for Quality of Daily Life and Tourist Visits - Innovative Management Approaches - Climate Change Impacts - Disaster Impact Management - Infrastructure Planning We look forward to the scientific exchange, and the profile you will bring to this Conference.

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11. Mar 2014


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