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3rd Scientific & final GreenNet conference - Call for papers, posters, presentations
Perspectives for biological & cultural diversity along the European Green Belt Good examples, successful measures & new ideas

Regarding the European Green Belt as an ecological network (1st scientific conference 2012) and looking at the possibilities of established and new landscape policy instruments (2nd scientific conference 2013) the 3rd conference is focussed on successful initiatives and projects along the European Green Belt.

The GreenNet-Team
project photo
The GreenNet-Team
Despite the heterogeneous frame conditions, activities and initiatives of a future orientated sustainable development are already realized along the European Green Belt. The 3rdGreenNet conference will give a platform for those encouraging examples. Furthermore the conference will present results of the GreenNet project and give impulses for the further development of the European Green Belt.

Key Note-speakers will deal with: Frame conditions of sustainable development in rural areas (possibilities and limits) Transnational cooperation (along the Green Belt) Concepts for cooperation and partnerships including local people Ecology as an economical factor, Green Economy, ecosystem services, Green infrastructure GreenNet Results and core outputs will be presented: Short presentation of project results, here safeguarding strategies for the Central European Green Belt Lobbying activities and success stories to promote the Central European Green Belt Presentation and Discussion of the GreenNetCharta (GreenNet Management and Protection strategy) Posters showing results out of the GreenNet pilot regions.

Call for presentations, short papers & posters Good examples, successful measures & new ideas Integrative policy and governance of the European Green Belt to enhance biological diversity, local economy and cultural heritage Successful nature protection concepts, good examples of cooperation of local land users and nature conservation Strengthening local/regional economies, rural development, regional money, Community supported agriculture Successful or failed cross-border, cross-sectoral, cross-cultural cooperation & dialogue: lessons learned Education, cooperation, successful stakeholder participation concerning Green Belt activities Eco-tourism, regional products, local (organic) food production, sustainable and social entrepreneurship, eco-innovation

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25. Feb 2014
Reported by Ilke Marschall, Erfurt


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