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Taste of Persian Cultural Landscape Workshop and Tour

Photo by Mohammad Motallebi
17. Nov 2018 - 23. Nov 2018

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Iran is a wonderland of various climates and cultures. Located within one of worlds two mountain stripes and also one desert zone, Iran has become a desert-mountainous land with almost half of its area covered by mountains and one third of it deserts.

The Hyrcanian forests in north, high raised mountains in west and widespread elevations in east, center and south of Iran have created diverse natural sceneries within the country. But, the central sunken plateau of Iran is mostly suffering from low precipitation due to its geographic situation.

This has caused vast barren deserts in central parts of Iran which has brought up a variety of survival methods among residents of these lands for centuries. People have learnt to adapt to the harsh climate and so we can see a lot of wonderful techniques in their way of living and architecture. Cities and villages are built in a complete harmony with climate, so the urban structure differs from the expectations. Desert cities are deserts legitimate heirs of serenity, simplicity and beauty and preserve various architectural styles and archetypes. Life still goes on through the traditional contexts of many of these cities and so makes a unique opportunity to watch culture and everyday life of people within their historic frameworks.

After our very successful international tour and workshops in recent years, The Cultural Landscape Association is planning to orchestrate another journey for experts and professionals all around the globe, to visit and enjoy the cultural landscapes and architectural beauty of Iran.

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