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Landscape in Transition Conference (IFLA-ME)

Middle East Landscape Architecture Conference
Photo by Mohammad Motallebi
Middle East Landscape Architecture Conference
07. May 2018 08:30 - 08. May 2018

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International Federation of Landscape Architects- Middle East Region

Landscape in Transition
Landscape transition has direct impacts on the quality of life. Indeed, these changes can contribute to boosting the quality of life or a serious threat to the human life. Many of the reasons leading to the transition in the landscape are caused by human activities and behaviors. In the recent years, due to different struggles like drought, war, immigration, Geopolitical changes and so on, the landscape of the Middle East has undergone massive changes that has brought about international crises. Regarding the situation, studies about these changes and their effects on the quality of life, the environment, and the way to control and manage them are of crucial importance.
In addition to the regional transition, transformation in terms of the concept of the landscape, development in the new technologies and the effects of globalization should be taken into the account. Finally, studying these issues can cause enhancing education, awareness of professionals, intelligent management and logical process in order to face these situation.
Deadline for Abstract Submission has been extended: 30 Jan. 2018
The conference is open to all related people from all over the world.

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, Tehran , IR

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IFLA- Middle East


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