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DLA 2017 Geodesignhub Workshop

With Carl Steinitz, Tess Canfield and Hrishi Ballal at Anhalt University Bernburg campus in Germany on June 6, 2017 from 9 am to 4 pm

DLA 2017 Geodesignhub Workshop
Photo by Carl Steinitz
DLA 2017 Geodesignhub Workshop
07. Jun 2017 09:00 - 16:00

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Carl Steinitz will be leading a geodesign workshop during the upcoming DLA. The focus of the DLA 2017 workshop will be geodesign dynamics: the updating of the context as a design for change develops over time: in synthesis and its impacts, timeline, cost and 4-D visualization. The workshop will be applying Geodesignhub, a cloud-based, free and open access, open platform software built by Hrishi Ballal in cooperation with Carl Steinitz and Stephen Ervin. Geodesignhub aims to be as simple as possible: easy to learn, set up, use and (most importantly) easy to understand. It is used to manage geodesign for large, complex, politically contentious projects and studies in their early conceptual and strategic phases when the process is at its most dynamic. It is designed to support collaboration and negotiation towards agreement. describes Geodesignhub and three case studies derived from two-day workshops which apply iterative geodesign dynamics with negotiation as a design method, and a fourth very different example.
Please find the announcement of the DLA 2017 Geodesign workshop at
Workshop places are limited to 30 full-time direct participants. You will be informed shortly after your registration if we can offer you a seat. There is no limit to observers.
We look forward seeing you in the Anhalt region of Germany.
Erich Buhmann

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Kurhaus , Bernburg , DE

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Longitude: 11.731966137886047000
Latitude: 51.799233958176860000
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Prof. Erich Buhmann



early: 80€, normal 110€ (incl. in DLA)

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