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LANDSCAPE - the concepts of Modernism and the future of landscape

LANDSCHAFT die Konzepte der Moderne und die Zukunft von Landschaft

East harbour Frankfurt on the Maine
Photo by Maria Bostenaru 1999
East harbour Frankfurt on the Maine
24. Feb 2017 08:15 - 25. Feb 2017 19:00

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Numerous concepts and ideas of the Modernism are related not only to architecture, but at the same time also at landscape - one should think only of the functional city and taking the space into possession as an effect. The 14th conference in Karlsruhe to the "Architectural heritage" will, on the 24th of February 2017, be dedicated as well to landscape utopias as well as to interesting future perspectives.
Central in this context is the question, which chances does it give to think together of landscape and construction. How is the ecology as topic of our postindustrial society to be thought of in the future of urban space, questions addressed by the lecturers.
The dense programme on Friday will be completed by an excursion to Frankfurt am Main on Saturday - a city which went through a metamorphosis exactly through its connection to landscape in the 20th century.
"LANDSCAPE - the concepts of Modernism and the future of landscape" is this time the topic of the international exchange to especially relevant architecture and urbanism of the 20th century as well as to current approach to the heritage of Modernism. We discuss on one side concepts of Modernism and on the other side current projects and attitutes to the question:" Which strategies offer interesting perspectives for the future?"
"THE MODERNISM" in Europe created numerous projects with model character, concrete utopias, new scientific disciplines, new production ways and organisation forms and won global influence.
Our both contributions to this, "Bucharest and the Colentina river project" and "Rome and Raffaele de Vico and the Italian Modernism" stay representatively for models which had and still have a sustainable, timeless character.
Which chances offer the landscape context and the open spaces together with construction, for example in the Ernst-May Siedlungs in Frankfurt, in the Siedlungs, parks and assemblies in Berlin, in the people's gardens and the garden concepts of Modernism? Which advantage will we have in the future through the large sports and leisure parks in Munich and the conversions of harbours for example in Amsterdam and Rotterdam or the rehabilitation of both the Main sides in Frankfurt, Museumside and Eastern and Western harbour as urban regeneration?
Which chances and potentials are offered by contemporary ideas and tendencies in architecture and landscape planning? How is ecology as topic of our postindustrial society in the future to be thought of and to be planned?
Landscapes, gardens, open spaces are a lively cultural ware. They grow often over generations, in continuous change, experience always new challenges. They are not only Ressource, but elementary core of all environmental qualities, everything else than luxury or ingredient. They are the actual non externalisable basis and necessity, the prerequisites for the quality of architecture, urban and life space, for urbanity, for public space, for freedom. For this reason the question of currently valid research results and future concepts, stragegies is here particularly relevant.

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Faculty of Architecture , Karlsruhe , DE

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Longitude: 8.410978317260742000
Latitude: 49.011063485293370000
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Alex Dill



100 euro conference / 25 euro excursion

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