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Open eLecture | Landscape Strategy Making: Guiding Change for European Rural Landscapes

30. May 2016 18:00 - 19:30
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Jrgen Primdahl
Photo by Jrgen Primdahl
Jrgen Primdahl
30. May 2016 18:00 - 19:30


Jrgen Primdahl

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Landscape strategy making represents an approach to rural landscape governance as it may be practiced in partnerships between municipal planners and local communities. In the lecture, landscape processes and outcomes of landscape strategy making will be presented and discussed from the perspective of spatial planning theory on the one hand and empirical knowledge gained from a number of experimental planning cases on the other hand. Further readings: Primdahl et al. (2013): Guiding Landscape Change. Current policy approaches and potentials of landscape strategy making as a policy making approach. Applied Geography 42: 86-94. | Primdahl et al. (2016): Landscape strategy making and landscape characterization experiences from Danish experimental planning processes. Landscape Research 41 (2): 227-238.
Jrgen Primdahl is Professor of Landscape Architecture and Planning at the University of Copenhagen. He is currently working on two main issues: (1) the intersecting dynamics of rural landscape change caused by combinations of agricultural structural change, urbanisation, policy interventions and local actions and (2) collaborative planning for the local rural landscape – new approaches and spatial solutions. He teaches in the master programme in Countryside Planning and Management and the part time master programme in Rural Development and Countryside Management.

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European Rural Landscapes Series 2016

30. May 2016 18:00 - 19:30



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