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About the LE:NOTRE Institute

‚Landscape is the environment as perceived by people’, to paraphrase the European Landscape Convention. The landscape belongs to everyone, but some people are more closely involved with landscape matters on a day to day basis than others. The LE:NOTRE Institute aims to provide a focal point for landscape specialists of all disciplines, from theory and practice and from the public, private and not-for–profit sectors. It is a place where they can come together to exchange ideas and deepen their understanding of the landscape and of each others’ approach to it. [More...]

LE:NOTRE Brochure (pdf)

Whereas LE:NOTRE started in 2002 as a European landscape architecture network, it gradually evolved to embrace other landscape disciplines as well as students and landscape practitioners from across the world. [More...]
Using the LE:NOTRE virtual seminar room, the eLecture programme aims to bring a variety of specialist lectures on a range of interdisciplinary landscape topics directly to your desktop or mobile internet device.

The lecture series will focus around landscape themes relating to research, education and innovative practice. International specialists in their fields will give contrasting perspectives on contemporary landscape issues as part of regular weekly and monthly presentations.

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All presentations will be recorded and made available to be accessed at a later date via the log-in area of the LE:NOTRE Institute web platform.

The LE:NOTRE PhD Colloquium
and Teaching Workshops
As part of the eLecture series, the landscape teaching workshops and PhD colloquia which were established in the context of the LE:NOTRE Project are also planned to continue and be developed further.
The annual Forum has been developed as a new kind of academic meeting, aimed at bringing together landscape specialists from a wide range of backgrounds and providing a ‘hands-on’ opportunity for them to collaborate in the form of a direct encounter with a specific landscape.

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The LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum was conceived as a response to the common criticism of almost all landscape conferences, namely that there is never enough time for discussion and that most of the time is spent sitting listening to presentations in seminar rooms. The Forum seeks to answers these charges by placing discussion and collaborative working at the centre of each event, and to organise this around field visits to look at and learn about local landscape issues.

Antalya, on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, was the location of the first Forum in April 2012, followed by Rome in 2013 and Sarajevo 2014. Each event has been organised around four cross-cutting landscape themes:
  • Urban and peri-urban landscapes
  • Rural change
  • Sustainable tourism, and
  • Heritage and identity
Working groups on each of these subjects continue to meet throughout the year on the LE:NOTRE web platform.
The LE:NOTRE web platform has evolved and developed over a period of some 11 years during the European Union co-funded LE:NOTRE Project into a complex tool.

As well as providing a communication platform and information about the activities of the Institute, the web platform offers landscape news and a wide range of databases allowing supporters to upload and share information on research projects, literature etc. as well as to access it according to different criteria.

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The site is organised according to the following categories:

GROUPS: Collaborate to Create Projects and Courses
DIRECTORY: Find People and Organisations
RESOURCES: Contribute and Share Information
DOMAINS: View Information by Subject area and Discipline
THEMES: Show database entries and news stories by topic
PLACES: Browse Information by City or Country