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Introducing the LE:NOTRE Institute
‚Landscape is the environment as perceived by people’, to paraphrase the European Landscape Convention. The landscape belongs to everyone, but some people are more closely involved with landscape matters on a day to day basis than others. The LE:NOTRE Institute aims to provide a focal point for landscape specialists of all disciplines, from theory and practice and from the public, private and not-for–profit sectors. It is a place where they can come together to exchange ideas and deepen their understanding of the landscape and of each others’ approach to it.

The LE:NOTRE Institute aims to focus not just on further developing this international and interdisciplinary approach, but to act as a common platform for those involved in teaching, research and practice in the landscape field, whether they work in the public, private or not for profit sectors.

In doing so, the LE:NOTRE Institute aims to complement the work of other existing landscape organisations by making available opportunities and facilities which they do not provide, building on the achievements of the LE:NOTRE Project, which was co-funded by the European Union for 11 years but which had members on all continents.

Whereas LE:NOTRE started in 2002 as a European landscape architecture network, it gradually evolved to embrace other landscape disciplines as well as students and landscape practitioners from across the world.

The LE:NOTRE Institute welcomes academics, researchers and students from all landscape-related domains, including landscape archaeology, landscape ecology, physical and human geography, anthropology as well as planning and design disciplines such as landscape architecture, urban and regional planning, architecture and engineering. Practitioners from public authorities and private landscape offices as well as members of NGOs are also eligible to become supporters of the LE:NOTRE Institute and benefit from its activities.

Becoming a LE:NOTRE Institute supporter
The LE:NOTRE Institute operates with the help of voluntary contributions from its supporters. Supporters, who are individuals and not institutions, make an annual contribution to support the work of the Institute.

Please register to become a supporter of the LE:NOTRE Institute.

Minimum recommended annual sponsorship levels vary from €6 for a student from, for example, Cyprus countries to €105 for a senior professional from, for example, Norway, with intermediate rates which take account of both your professional status and your country of residence.

As a LE:NOTRE Institute supporter you will
  • Be able to participate in the regular LE:NOTRE eLectures
  • Enjoy reduced rates to take part in the annual LE:NOTRE Landscape Forums and other seminars
  • Have access at all times to the log-in area of the LE:NOTRE Institute Web Platform, with all its resource databases and collaborative tools.
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