17. Feb 2015

Looking forward to seeing you in Bucharest...

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... and in the LE:NOTRE eLecture room!


We are happy to inform you that both the poster submission system and the registration for the 2015 LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum in Bucharest are now open.


The poster call will remain open until 28th of February

The registration will be open until 15th of March

We would also like to annouce the LE:NOTRE Institute eLecture programme for the spring semester 2015 which is currently under preparation.

The dates for the Teaching Landscape Architecture Series are already online and the schedule for the pre-Forum eLecture series as well as for other series are soon to follow.


Register as a supporter for the LE:NOTRE Institute today for reduced rates for the Landscape Forum and in order to be able to join all of our upcoming eLectures!


LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum registration

The forum online system allows you to register for the different forum activities, to upload posters and to make your online payment. Please take into account that the forum participation fee is significantly lower for supporters of the LE:NOTRE Institute. So you may also wish to become a supporting member first and then register with a reduced fee to the forum. Please be aware that the forum is an interactive format and that all participants will get involved in one of the four forum workshops. For all activities: Please register before 15th of March 2015.

Doctoral colloquium and innovative practice workshop

These activities will be organised on Tuesday, 21st of April, in the afternoon before the forum will officially start. Both activities are free of charge but require online registration. The doctoral colloquium is addressed to current and prospective doctoral students. Participants are asked to prepare a poster of their methodical approach based on a poster template. The innovative practice workshop will be organised by ESRI Romania and will focus on GIS-based monitoring and visualisation methods/tools.

Pre-forum promenade

Attention: we moved the excursion dates to 19th – 21st of April, so one day later. This will allow for a better transition to the forum activties. The pre-forum promenade will take you to the impressive natural and rural landscape of the Southern Carpathians. The participation fee (185 €) covers travel, accommodation and food.

Submitting posters for the forum exhibition

You can find all details on the poster call here. Please register to our forum online system for submitting your poster for review. Make sure that you use the header/footer provided on the website and that the review version of your poster does not contain any information about your identity/affiliation.


We hope to see you in Bucharest soon.

If you have specific questions please use the ‘mail to the organisers’ function in the forum online system.

We will keep you informed about all updates around the landscape forum via the forum newsletter.




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Website reflects the views only from the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum

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What makes the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum different from other European landscape events is the focus on dialogue, debate and discourse. It provides a unique opportunity to interact creatively with colleagues from a range of landscape disciplines in informal workshop and field visit settings. The aim is to create stimulating environment to promote the generation of both new teaching ideas and projects, for research and for collaboration between theory and practice. A joint ISBN publication will result from the meeting, to which all participants will contribute. It is intended to include contributions to the poster exhibition in this publication as well. The LE:NOTRE Institute is currently testing the possibility of organizing a peer review of this publication.

Participants’ benefits:

  • International and local keynote speakers, dialogue with local experts

  • Exploration of the local landscapes

  • Interdisciplinary and international collaboration and networking opportunities

  • Participation in the poster exhibition

  • Contribution to a joint ISBN publication


Target Groups

The Forum aims to provide a discussion platform for a wide range of landscape issues at a European and global level.

Target groups include:

  • researchers and practitioners from landscape architecture and related disciplines (including architecture, arts, geography, agricultural sciences, dendrology, economics, environmental psychology, forestry, hydrology and water management, IT, archaeology, ecology, regional planning, social anthropology, sociology, tourism, urban design, etc.

  • academics and educators involved in teaching and research from many different disciplinary perspectives

  • members of public institutions or authorities and NGOs

  • doctorate and masters students from landscape architecture and related disciplines


The LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum was conceived as a response to the common criticism of almost all landscape conferences, namely that there is never enough time for discussion and that most of the time is spent sitting listening to presentations in seminar rooms. The Forum seeks to answers these charges by placing discussion and collaborative working at the centre of each event, and to organise this around field visits to look at and learn about local landscape issues.


Antalya, on the Turkish Mediterranean coast, was the location of the first Forum in April 2012, followed by Rome in 2013 and Sarajevo 2014.

Founder Membership Offer 2015

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We now offer a founder membership option for 2015 for a limited time only!

The membership comprises

  • A minus 20% reduction of the 2015 fee >>calculate your fee here<<
  • The right to pay a reduced fee in future.
  • The membership expires automatically on 31.12.2015 and may be renewed.


Become a supporter of the LE:NOTRE Institute now and join an international and interdisciplinary landscape community and be able to:


  • Enjoy reduced rates to take part in the annual LE:NOTRE Landscape Forums and other seminars
  • Have access at all times to the log-in area of the LE:NOTRE Institute Web Platform, with all its resource databases and collaborative tools.
  • Be able to participate in the regular LE:NOTRE eLectures.


The LE:NOTRE Institute operates with the help of voluntary contributions from its supporters. Supporters, make an annual contribution to support the work of the Institute. Fees are depending on your country of origin and status (student, young or senior professional) and valid for one calendar year. Regardless of when you are becoming a supporter your membership will expire by the end of the calendar year and has to be renewed annually.


On our website it is at the moment only possible to register as an individual. In case you are intersted in an institutional membership please contact

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