27. Nov 2014

LE:NOTRE Needs You! Become a LE:NOTRE Institute Supporter

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Reduced fees for 2014 from €1.20 for students...

It has taken more time than we hoped, but we can wait no longer: from now on we must ask all former members of the LE:NOTRE Project to become paying supporters of the LE:NOTRE Institute.


The reason for this change is simple: organising the LE:NOTRE Institute and programming the web site costs money. Until the end of November 2013 we were co-financed by the European Union by some €200,000 annually. We can no longer continue without any income to pay for the core team. Without a core team to undertake the basic tasks, things would very soon come to a standstill and everything we have achieved since 2002 would be quickly lost.


Asking individuals for a modest annual contribution seems to be the simplest and fairest way to fund the work of the Institute. In this way we will also not be competing with institutional memberships of other organisations. [It goes without saying that, as before, all Board members and other contributors continue to work on an honorary basis.]


Information about LE:NOTRE Membership, including a ‘fee calculator’ is available on the LE:NOTRE Institute web site by following this link:


As you will see, the level of your supporters’ fee depends on two variables: the country in which you live and your professional status. The basis for defining the four country bands was derived from information on staff costs published by the European Union as part of the current ERASMUS+ Programme, and covers not just the 28 EU member countries but most other countries as well. Three classes of professional status have been defined, ranging from full-time student through junior professional to senior professional. The combination of these two factors defines the level of fee, both in its significantly reduced form for 2014 and for future years.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Website reflects the views only from the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Special offer for Founder Members – for a short time only...

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By becoming a paying supporter in 2014 will receive the status of a ‘Founder Member’. Of course the fee for the remainder on 2014 is significantly reduced, but by joining now as a Founder Member, you will be eligible to pay the reduced Founder Members fee for 2015 and for future years too. But please note, this offer is available for a limited time only – just until the end of this year...

How to join

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When you follow the link on the public area of the LE:NOTRE web site ‘LE:NOTRE Membership’ > ‘Register Now’ you will be taken to our new web shop, where you will be able to calculate your supporters fee and make the payment using PayPal or Sofort (only available in some European countries).

The web shop also offers us the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to the Institute in addition to your supporter’s fee. If there are any problems or questions relating to the payment procedure, please contact us and we will do our best to resolve them

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