22. Oct 2014

LE:NOTRE – From Project to Institute

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Created over a period of 11 years through the efforts of well over 250 universities and partner organisations, the LE:NOTRE web platform with over 40,000 entries, represents only a part of the international collaborative opportunities that the European Union co-funding for the LE:NOTRE Project made possible.


With the end of the EU project last November, as planned the LE:NOTRE Institute has taken on the role of developing the web site further, running the annual Landscape Forum and continuing to act as an important channel for communication and sharing information by the wider landscape community. It is also in the process of establishing a regular series of eLectures. This new arrangement will give us the opportunity to enjoy LE:NOTRE without time sheets and EU bureaucracy, but it also means that the future of the web platform and the other activities are at risk due to the end of the EU funding, unless we can urgently find a replacement source of income.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Website reflects the views only from the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

From ‘EU’ to ‘Hey you!’

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This is where you come in: we are about to launch a ‘crowd funding’ model, in the form of an appeal for all our previous members to become individual paying supporters of the LE:NOTRE Institute. To this end we have to introduce a payment system, and will shortly asking everyone to become a supporter for a modest annual donation, the level of which will vary, depending on where you live and your professional status.


We feel that it is better to appeal to the members of the broad community that helped to create LE:NOTRE for a modest individual donation to support it in future, rather than to pin our hopes on finding some large benefactor. We wish things were different, but unfortunately organising the Institute and developing the web site costs money – even though the Board members continue to work as volunteers in their free time. The alternative to this is not that things can just carry on as they were. Without a supporters fee to provide the necessary income we would have to close down the whole LE:NOTRE Institute and lose everything which has been achieved since 2002, but by pooling our resources and working together we can achieve even more than we have so far.


Become a supporter and help shape future developments

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Shortly, when you log in to the web site, you will be asked to become a paying supporter. Those registering as supporters by the end of 2014 will be entitled to reduced special ‘Founder Member’ rates in future. Supporters will


  • have access to the log-in area of the upgraded web site at all times
  • be able to take part in the regular programme of eLectures
  • participate in the annual LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum at reduced rates


These will be the first activities of the Institute, but are certainly not planned to be the last. The more supporters we can recruit, the more we will be able to do to develop our activities and support the international landscape community.

However, although the LE:NOTRE Institute will be making available these  activities, for its supporters, its main proposition is not about providing services, but creating  opportunities – opportunities for collaboration and sharing ideas and information – but above all for adding value to all our efforts in ways that are not possible to achieve as individuals..

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