29. Nov 2013

LE:NOTRE III - the final hours - Thank you to all our supporters!

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Dear LE:NOTRE III members,


We are witnessing the final hours of the LE:NOTRE III project, the last in a long line of LE:NOTRE projects co-funded by the European Commission since 2002 (8 successful funding applications in all). During these 11 years your contributions have helped building, not only the LE:NOTRE web site as the primary communications platform and common resource of the Network, but in shaping the project as a whole. The project team in Vienna, would like to express its heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped to make the project a success!


During LE:NOTRE III, we have celebrated the highest numbers of participants during our annual network meetings compared to all previous projects, with the introduction of the new format of the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum. This new type of event did not only allow opening up to other disciplines, it has also resulted in the initiation of a series of landscape monograph publications which we hope will continue in future. Phd and Teachers’ workshops and a poster exhibition were organised as side events.


A documentation of the LE:NOTRE III events can be found here.


Emphasis has also been placed on the further development of our on-line databases. In addition to upgrading the images, research and design project databases a new Landscape Thesaurus (formerly Ontology) has been introduced. This allows all users of the web site to clarify and make terms and concepts across the broad field of landscape studies explicit. Tools for including geographical information have been improved as well as general functionality and usability. Many inputs from the users of the web site (user group) collected during surveys or received by email were a valuable resource for these and other web site developments.


Finally large efforts have been made to assure the sustainability of LE:NOTRE III and to preparing a pathway to a continuation of the project in the framework of the newly founded LE:NOTRE Institute.


The LE:NOTRE Institute has been formally established as a foundation under Netherlands law and is planning the development of a programme for 2014. The goal of the LE:NOTRE Institute is to develop and strengthen the links between landscape education research and innovative practice. Further information will follow shortly.


It is planned to continue to develop the LE:NOTRE web site as virtual platform, and so all contributions are still both welcome and necessary. The success of the LE:NOTRE Institute will again depend strongly on you – without your support the new network will not be able to continue.


We would be pleased to have you on board in future! Please let us have your thoughts and ideas for the development of the LE:NOTRE Institute.


Please make sure that all your contributions to the project between October 1st 2010 and November 30th 2013 have been reported to the Vienna team. Make sure to post your time sheets by ground mail as soon as possible: time sheet form


Best wishes,

The Vienna LE:NOTRE team

Richard Stiles, LE:NOTRE III project coordinator

Barbara Birli, David Dürnwirth, Ida Fasching and Martina Kremmel


P.S. More information on all outputs that could not be mentioned here can be found on the LE:NOTRE III web site’s ‘About’ area.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Website reflects the views only from the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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