14. Nov 2013

16 days until the LE:NOTRE III project ends / LE:NOTRE Institute starts

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Make sure to add your final contributions today!


Have a look at your own profile to see which entries you have added for example to the Research or Design Projects databases! Are there any? Login here and find out.


We have to write the final report to Brussels on the state of the web site databases as at 30th November so every further entry is important.


Scroll down for more information about how to contribute or read more on the LE:NOTRE web site.

5 minutes for the LE:NOTRE Thesaurus

Please translate the following terms to your own language and add a description in the LE:NOTRE Thesaurus!


albedo | arris | palimpsest | rewilding | secondary forest | ecosystem services  | land management | forest management | base map

...but of course any other terms of your choice would be equally beneficial.


Five other things you can do to help the project come to a successful conclusion are described below.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Website reflects the views only from the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

5 things to do for LE:NOTRE III

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The first step is to log on to the web site now at If you have forgotten you password – the system will send it straight to your e-mail address (apart from you only the America National Security Agency know your password – but certainly not because we told them!)
Of course it would be very nice if you had a moment to check and update the information about your organisation in the Directory, but most of all we would like you to contribute data to some of the Resource databases in particular. These are:


 Design Projects

 These are any landscape design projects for parks or squares, housing schemes, pedestrian zones or hospitals, indeed any of the 40 categories of project – historic or contemporary that the system recognises. These can be ANY projects which you know and find interesting and may have used as examples for teaching, excepting, of course, those which are already in the database... ...but even for these you can add additional information, images, references to relevant journal articles etc.


Add your projects here!



 Research Projects

 These may be national or international projects relevant to any aspect of landscape of which you are aware. You or your organisation may or may not have taken part in them. They may be ongoing projects or ones which have already been completed, but they should not be ‘personal’ research in the form of, for example, PhD research – there is a separate database for PhDs – please use this.


Add research projects here!


Recruit new Members of the Network

Even though LE:NOTRE III is soon coming to an end, we are still looking to expand the number or university departments and other interested organisations in the Network and we need your help to do this. If your department is in contact with landscape architecture departments or other related departments with an interest in landscape at a foreign university, please either tell them directly about LE:NOTRE or contact us at and inform us of their possible interest.


Website User Group
Finally, we are looking for interested people to join the web site user group to help us develop it further for the LE:NOTRE Institute. Anyone interested in helping to shape the post LE:NOTRE III shape of LE:NOTRE, please contact us too.




Keep the directory databases up to date

 Is there any news? New course units, degree programmes or projects? Update information about your university!

Do all staff members have access to LE:NOTRE? Is their contact information and profiles up to date and their email address still active? Make sure Network users can find and contact the 'who is who' of your university!

Read more: Update course units | Contact colleagues | Change your settings



Please remember to report your contributions using our time sheets!

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