31. May 2013

LE:NOTRE Newsletter May 2013

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We would like to thank once again everyone who joined us at the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013 in Rome for their participation and continuous input to the Rome monograph publication.


The documentation of the Rome LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013 is now available. Additional to providing keynote presentations the documentation page will guide you to the four theme project groups that are currently about to prepare the Rome monograph publication.

Please find the Rome Landscape Forum pages here.

This is a direct link to the Rome LLF documentation page.


During the Forum an important announcement has been made: The LE:NOTRE Institute (LNI) has been founded! Please read more about the LNI below.

Finally we would like to report on the latest developments of the Thesaurus on the LE:NOTRE web site. We are looking forward to your contributions to the new Thesaurus (adding terms, translations and relations of terms)!





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LE:NOTRE Institute founded

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One major step towards a continuation of the LE:NOTRE project after the end of the current ‘edition’ - LE:NOTRE III - this autumn has been made. The LE:NOTRE Institute has now been formally founded!


The members of the LE:NOTRE Institute Board are


Richard Stiles, Nilgül Karadeniz, Jeroen de Vries,

Elke Mertens, Harlind Libbrecht, Bianca Rinaldi

and Meryem Atik.


You are invited to express your interest in joining the Board as additional members may still be added.

More information about the LE:NOTRE Institute can be found on the LE:NOTRE website.


Web News | LE:NOTRE Thesaurus

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The extension of the former ‘LE:NOTRE Glossary’ provides new opportunities for exchange of knowledge and information via The creation of an online Thesaurus that allows to clarify and make the terms and concepts across the broad field of landscape studies explicit is an important output of LE:NOTRE III.


Exploring the ideas and meanings behind the terms opens a door into the heart of the discipline and to the issues which concern both academics and practitioners alike. The latest development of the Thesaurus now allows all users of not only to define, translate and connect relevant terms with entries of other databases, but also to create relations between the terms. Additional to synonyms you may now add the following relations:


  • Broader terms. More generic terms than current term.
  • Narrower terms. Terms more specific than current term.
  • Quasi-synonyms. Terms that are no synonyms of current term but can be used, sometimes with that meaning.
  • Related terms. Related term that cannot be inserted on any other category.


Next to translations now you may also add approximative translations marked with the symbol [≈].


Find out more and add your terms and translations here!



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