31. Oct 2012

November 2012: LE:NOTRE Landscape Research Projects Month - Please make your new entries and updates by 30th!

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We have been working hard over the past months on upgrading the the web site, both to support the completion of LE:NOTRE III outputs and in preparation of the start of the LE:NOTRE Institute. The first fruits of our efforts at updating the site can now be seen in the Research Projects database: We have focussed on this because it represents one of the specific outputs of LE:NOTRE III.


Now it is over to you: we are asking everyone to take advantage of the long, dark November evenings and contribute to the project by adding at least TWO NEW RESEARCH PROJECTS to the Research Projects database over the coming weeks. If all Network members enter two new projects we will more than double the size of the research projects database, allowing us to complete this project output.


We suggest you start by going to the re-designed ‘Resources’ home page and then select ‘Research Projects’ where you will also find a new start page. From there you can click on the ‘New Entry’ link at the top right of the page to access the new data entry forms. There are now four parts to these and it is now possible to include new and more extensive information about projects. For this reason, it would be appreciated if you could also update the information on any research projects which you have entered previously.


 (N.B. Please also take the trouble to report any bugs or usability problems which you may encounter to us directly using the ‘Feedback’ link on the relevant page!)



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Website reflects the views only from the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Which Landscape Research Projects should you add to the LE:NOTRE web site?

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What kinds of research projects do we want you put into the database? Basically there are two categories: the first and perhaps most important comprises projects which you or your department has been directly involved in carrying out or contributing to. These can either be formal externally funded research projects or smaller projects funded by your own institution (but they should NOT include individual doctoral research, for which there is the separate Theses database).


Secondly, in we are also keen to include information about any other landscape-related research projects which you may come across in the course of your reading or research. These may involve other disciplines, other universities or other research institutions, but will be investigating issues and producing results which could be of considerable value in the wider context of understanding and intervening in landscapes in the widest sense.


Under the heading of ‘research projects’ we are also including applied projects such as INTERREG Projects or COST Actions, which strictly speaking may not fulfil the narrow criteria to be seen as primary research projects, but which nevertheless make vital contributions to knowledge in the context of applied disciplines such as ours. (N.B. Please check first – using the search function – that the project you intend to enter is not already in the database. If it is, you may wish to add further information about it using the edit function.) The whole is greater than the sum of the parts...

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Through the aggregation of many small contributions from across Europe and beyond, the LE:NOTRE web site is growing into a valuable common resource. An important part of the way in which this works is through cross-referencing this information making use of keywords or tags, by associating individual entries with Channels and by adding location information, which is now also possible with the improved Research Projects database. The new data entry system for research projects will help by suggesting keywords from the existing database as well as allow you to enter new ones. The development of this feature, in connection with the conversion of the ‘old’ Glossary database into a new Thesaurus, is one of the next web site tasks on which we will be working.


In this context, please also remember we are working on the publication of the results from the Antalya Landscape Forum, and in this context it would be valuable to enter current or completed research projects which are of specific relevance to any of the four themes and to link them straight to the respective project group. You can do this using the ‘Add to P.G.’ link in the panel at the top right of the screen on every database entry. As you know, the four themes are: Urban growth and peri-urban sprawl, Sustainable tourism, Heritage and identities and/or Rural change: landscapes and lifestyles. By focussing on projects relating to these themes, it will be possible to make your contributions count double by contributing both to the Antalya publication and to the web database.


Please log in now and make your contribution – don’t delay!

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