12. Sep 2012

Welcome to the LE:NOTRE Newsletter

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To coincide with next week's 2012 ECLAS Conference in Warsaw, we would like to welcome you to the first of the new LE:NOTRE Newsletter, we hope you will find it useful for keeping up with the project. The Newsletter is planned both to inform you of the progress of LE:NOTRE  as well as to update you on the developing contributions to the resources on the web site in the form of recent entries to the databases, including of course yours! We would very much welcome your feedback and suggestions for improvements.

We have been planning a new newsletter for a very long time – ever since the demise of the previous ‘hand-crafted newsletters’ which you may remember as part of earlier stages of the project. As you can see, what makes this different to the ‘old’ newsletters is that as well as its editorial content, it provides a detailed update on the latest information entered in the ‘Directory’ and ‘Resource’ databases on the web site: just click on the relevant links and you can open the entry directly on the LE:NOTRE web site – assuming  of course you are logged in to the site.



This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This Website reflects the views only from the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Welcome to LE:NOTRE III – Year 3

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The launch of the newsletter also coincides with the start of the last year of LE:NOTRE III. This is also the last LE:NOTRE Project in its current form, but don’t worry, it is still not too late to contribute to the project. So now that you are logged in to the web site and have had a chance to look around to remind yourself of the geography, you should then perhaps proceed to the relevant projects groups area relating to the Antalya publication.

Antalya Publication Project Groups on the Project Website


The aim is to present the finished 'Antalya's Landscape' publication at the 2013 Rome Landscape Forum. This means that the four main chapters to be contributed by the working groups need to be completed soon. The above link will take you two the four themes from where you can contact other members of the working group and coordinate your input.

For those of you who were not in Antalya, it is still possible – indeed desirable – that you make your input. We are looking for contributions to the ‘Research Projects’ and ‘Design Projects’ databases in particular, but you can remind yourself about the other project outputs on the web site.

Welcome to the LE:NOTRE Institute

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LE:NOTRE has come a long way since the project started in October 2002. We have gone from 73 university partners to having over 230 universities now registered on the project web site. In addition to university teachers and their departments, the project now encompasses a wide range of membership classes from colleagues in planning and design offices and municipalities via NGOs to academics from related disciplines.


This is why it may be the last year of the LE:NOTRE Project but it also marks the inauguration of the LE:NOTRE Institute. The new LE:NOTRE Institute has been established by the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools to carry on the work, initiated during the course of the European Union co-funded LE:NOTRE Project, of building interdisciplinary links and bridging cross-sectoral divides in the landscape world.


The Goal of the LE:NOTRE Institute is to develop and strengthen the links between landscape education, research and innovative practice, in both the public, private and not for profit sectors. [Statutes: Article 2]

Membership of the Institute will initially be automatic for all those LE:NOTRE III member schools which have contributed their expected inputs to the project. However, in line with its role of 'linking education, research and innovative practice', the idea behind the Institute is that we will also be seeking to welcome members from beyond the current ECLAS circle, including students, academics from related disciplines and representatives from both public and private practice too - so please help to spread the word...


For more information visit or contact



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