15. Nov 2016

Landscape Events in November and December 2016

Landscape events in November 2016

16. Nov 2016
  Online lectures: The social context of renewable energies
16. Nov 2016
  Online lectures: Renewable energies and visual impact assessment
23. Nov 2016
  Online lecture: Landscape quality objectives and complementary biomass (re)production
24-25 Nov
  New Pressures on Cities and Regions
London, UK
30. Nov 2016

Online lecture: What support do decision makers need (and want)? The case of wind energy planning in Slovenia


Landscape events in December 2016

07. Dec 2016
  Online lecture: Hydro- and geothermal power: Abundance, impacts and acceptability
14. Dec 2016
  Online lecture: Energy landscape design: Theories, obstacles and design principles


November 21 2016, 18h CET: LE:NOTRE Student Competition: 'All inclusive': Online Q&A session (for more information visit

For more information about the current eLecture series 'Renewable Energy and Landscape Quality' visit the LE:NOTRE Institute website.

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LE:NOTRE Student Competition: 'All inclusive'

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The LE:NOTRE Institute is glad to announce its third international student competition. The competition is organised in close relation to the Landscape Forum 2017 and will work with the same territorial context.

The Forum 2017 will be hosted by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences (HSWT), in Freising. The competition is supported by both universities as well as by the Bavarian branch of the German Association of Landscape Architects (bdla).

The task is to develop an inclusive landscape development concept for a transsect stretching over 25 km from Dachau to Munich Airport. Students will work at various scales, ideally in interdisciplinary teams. The entire transsect will be represented by a conceptual plan at scale 1:25 000. The concept will be complemented by a translation of the overall vision to a site. One out of four proposed detailing areas can be selected with working scales from 1:5000 – 1:500.


For more information visit



November 21, 2016, 18h CET: LE:NOTRE Student Competition: 'All inclusive': Online Q&A session

LE:NOTRE Institute Membership 2016

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