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LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum: Cyprus 2016


The Akamas Landscape

Between Science and Myth



Meet the challenge – take part in the International Student Competition of the LE:NOTRE Institute Landscape Forum!


Hosted by the Neapolis University in Paphos, Cyprus from 16th - 20th of March 2016 the forum will focus on the north-western region of Cyprus including the peri-urban landscape of Paphos and the natural areas of the Akamas peninsula. The competition area is located in the most eastern part of Cyprus. The objective is to conceive a landscape narrative from the sea to the rural hinterland. The proposed transect starts at the coastline following the Avakas Gorge to the Pano and Kato Arodes Villages, situated at 500 m above sea level. A concept should be developed around the overall themes of sustainable tourism and cultural heritage. The detailing task is to design a park for amateur astronomy and star-watching.


The competition aims to support integrated and holistic approaches to the Akamas landscape through multidisciplinary student teams elaborating planning and design proposals at various scales and around the following aspects:


  • Sustainable visions balancing the interplay of landscape scenery, habitat management, visitor flow and settlement development
  • Enhancing, interpreting and integrating heritage elements and historical layers
  • Concepts for nature-oriented tourism and environmental education focussing on the exploration of natural phenomena (i.e. geology, ecosystems, astronomy) and their translation into the landscape
  • Sustainable traffic concepts, connectivity, enhancing modal shift and increased landscape experience by alternative means of transport
  • Enhancement of ecological functions and ecosystem services of both the protected areas and the surrounding agricultural land
  • Introduction of green infrastructure elements based on a conceptual framework
  • Exploring any possible landscape-based assets creating possibilities for small enterprises in order to foster the landscape’s socio-economic foundation



Participants are asked to submit three posters, one a landscape concept at 1:10,000 and a spatial concept for the villages at scale 1: 5,000 and a detailed concept for an Astro Park.


For more details on submission requirements, timeline and other information please follow the link below.


For more information on the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum:


Scroll down in order to find information about 'Flower of Life', another competition organised by the LE:NOTRE Institute.





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'Flower of Life' International Student Competition for Garden Design

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Another competition call organised by the LE:NOTRE Institute for the EXPO 2016 in Antalya in collaboration with the landscape architecture department of Akdeniz Universityis is currently open. For more information visit:

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