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Thematic Network in Landscape Architecture

Landscape Education

New Opportunities for Teaching and Research in Europe

The LE:NOTRE III Thematic Network Project in Landscape Architecture brings together some 200 university departments from Europe and beyond, together with a wide range of stakeholder organisations.

The goal of the project is to promote discourse and dialogue between members and thereby strengthen the landscape architecture academic community as well as its links to the wider community of researchers and practitioners working in the field of landscape.


Strengthen European links and dialogue within the discipline, to facilitate mobility and, in the words of the European Union: to further "forward looking, strategic reflection of scientific, educational and institutional issues".


The LE:NOTRE III Project ended officially on 30th November. The end of project also marks a new beginning for the recently established LE:NOTRE Institute.
In accordance with ‘Work Package 4’ of the LE:NOTRE III project proposal, the new LE:NOTRE Institute has been established by the European Council of Landscape Architecture Schools to carry on the work, initiated during the course of the European Union co-funded LE:NOTRE Project, of building interdisciplinary links and bridging cross-sectoral divides in the landscape world. The LE:NOTRE Institute (LNI) is the new organisation which will inherit the legacy of the LE:NOTRE Project.

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LE:NOTRE has been participating in the STECET2012 project (Science and Technnology – European Cooperation in Education and Training 2012), representatives of LE:NOTRE have been taking part in the 'Techno TN Forum' organised in this context.
A short presentation of the STECET project can be found here. For the STECET folder click here. (source:


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