Education and Culture

Goal of LENNE Curriculum Development Project is to form and develop the structure and content for a new two years Master Program in Landscape Planning and Management, and to create a sustainable base for its delivery. The new program will be aimed in particular at responding to the needs of public administration in Serbia for the education of specialists able to support the introduction of and compliance with recent and forthcoming European environmental legislation. As most important among them are:

The planned Masters program will deal (amongst other things) with a wide range of issues of economic significance for this region, including the integration of new infrastructure and development projects into the sensitive environment of the region, as well as building on the rich potential of its cultural landscapes for the development of sustainable tourism.
The new program will respond to the current shortcomings identified in the country's university education system. Among that it will be enable to meet the international requirements of the Bologna Process, needs for include in it, the application of the ECTS system and the implementation of the 'Tuning Project'.

The main outputs of the project for the Faculty of Forestry, Department for Landscape Architecture and Horticulture, as well for the others, will be the:

This long term commitment to the project, together with the fact that project consortium contains the core of a strong regional network, provide a vital parts of the sustainability strategy for the project.

Another key aspect of this is the development of an interactive web site which will be used as a necessary tool for the development and exchange of the teaching material for the duration of the project, but will continue to act as a focus for the consortium after it has finished.

Student's contribution within project was not provided, but we are planning to find place and role for them in the LENNE Project.