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Japanski vrt

Belgrade , RS

Vera Grbic, Landscape architect ()

Japanese garden 06
Japanese garden 06

Brief Description

Garden is located very near to the downtown, in Belgrade’s Botanic garden, on one small part of degraded area, but with an ideal ambient for miniature Japanese garden.
Early stage of Japanese garden was chosen for the style, because of its esthetically closeness to Serbian culture, technical feasibility and simply maintenance.
Concept of the garden is in full utilization of existing situation on the field, in rational steps -land works and excavations for lake and stream, attached to hidrotechnical part of project. Also, two cascade wells, with natural and technical correct water, were formed for filling the lake and stream.
Three construction dump were used like basic ELEMENTS of the garden, world of hills. From constructional objects, it was built: tea house, bridge, path across the lake, big wall and gate. SYMBOLS of Japanese philosophy were placed according to the Japanese garden in Kyoto (stones, lights, water tank). Plant assortment for supplement planting was modest. Usual and simply Asiatic species, like japanese cherry, red maple, clerodendron etc, were planted, with goal not to be noticeable like the new ones in the garden. Tree plants are older, and they were plant with clod.



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2003 - 2004


Land art, Public garden

Project Team

prof. dr.Mihailo Grbic, landscape architect, prof. dr.Dusan Petrovic, sculptor, Nenad Dimitrijevic, civil engineering , Vladimir Cvejic, student of architecture, Milos Kojadinovic, student of architecture

Project Status

Completed Project


Botanical garden 'Jevremovac' , Belgrade , RS


Longitude: 20.474100708961487000
Latitude: 44.815770105757004000
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