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LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2014 in Sarajevo

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LE:NOTRE Extraordinary Landscape Forum 2014

Against all the odds, we are pleased to announce the first event of the newly 'independent' LE:NOTRE Institute, namely an Extraordinary LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2014 in Sarajevo.

The third LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum will take place

from 25th - 28th May 2014 in Sarajevo
and is hosted by the Faculty of Forestry, University of Sarajevo

Sarajevo, together with the rest of the world, is commemorating several anniversaries in 2014, both 'dark' and 'light', and we are sure that this fact, and the multiple meanings which they have brought to the landscape of this unique European city, will make for a very special Forum - 'extraordinary' in more senses than one!


Sarajevo - Unity in Diversity
Cultures, meanings and landscapes in transition

The four established thematic groups will continue their work in the exploration of the Sarajevo landscape

1 | Urban growth and peri-urban sprawl
2 | Sustainable tourism
3 | Heritage and identities
4 | Rural fringe

A unique event

What makes the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum different from other European landscape events is the focus on dialogue, debate and discourse. It provides a unique opportunity to interact creatively with colleagues from a range of landscape disciplines in informal workshop and field visit settings. The aim is to create stimulating environment to promote the generation of both new teaching ideas and projects, for research and for collaboration between theory and practice. A joint ISBN publication will result from the meeting, to which all participants will contribute. It is intended to include contributions to the poster exhibition in this publication as well. The LN Institute is currently testing the possibility of organising a peer review of this publication.

Participants benefits

Target Groups

The Forum aims to provide a discussion platform for a wide range of landscape issues at a European and global level. Target groups include

Landscapes of Sarajevo - Introductory document
Please find an introducion to the Landscapes of Sarajevo (preliminary version) in the following pdf document:
Landscapes of Sarajevo Region (preliminary version)
About Sarajevo

The following collection of web links and articles explains why you should not miss the opportunity to explore Sarajevo!

'Sarajevo's Ottoman buildings, bazaars and chic cafes aren't the city's only draw - it's also a great base for exploring rural areas nearby' - The Guardian article A new look at Bosnia Herzegovina -

'Cafes, theaters, boutiques and restaurants have sprouted among buildings in myriad styles, including Ottoman, Secessionist, Communist and modern. And locals and visitors alike are rediscovering the surrounding mountains on the slopes that hosted the 1984 Winter Olympic Games.'
- The New York Times article 36 hours in Sarajevo -

'Ottoman governor Gazi-Husrevbey funded a series of splendid 16th-century buildings of which this mosque forms the greatest centrepiece.'
- Lonely Planet Things to do in Sarajevo -

'Hatibovic now runs 'Sarajevo Funky Tours', a business he started almost by accident. He is one of a growing band of young people determined to make a brighter future in a city whose mix of Muslims, Christians and Jews once earned it the nickname the "Jerusalem of Europe".'
- Sarajevo sees a brighter future -

Excursion Sites

Trebević Mountain
Southeast from Sarajevo city center

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2014 in Sarajevo

Enlarge Map and view details | A and B are the Forum Plenary and Workshop Venues

Peri-urban sprawl on the North slope of Mt Trebević
Peri-urban sprawl Trebevic

The 1984 Winter Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track was destroyed during the war 1992-1995 and has now become a tourist attraction. Tourism Trebevic

Heritage: Park Vraca is a monument from Ex-Yugoslavia
Heritage Trebevic

Rural Sarajevo - View of Mt Trebević from the South: An area of recreation, forestry and drinking water conservation.
Rural Trebevic

Workshop brief
Please download the workshop briefing document here.
Please download the final programme including speaker information here.
Practical information
Please find practical information (travel, venues, etc.) here.
Please find a list of suggestions here.
Call for Posters

The call for posters is open until April 25th 2014. re-opened until May 8th 2014! Click here to find more information!

Participation fees

The participation fees cover coffee breaks and lunches on the two core Forum days as well as bus transport to the excursion sites and organisational costs.
The registration will close on May 2nd 2014. has been extended to May 12th 2014!

Find out more about participation fees and submit your registration here:

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