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LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013 in Rome

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LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013

The LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum (LLF) is a new and unique event organised and run by the new LE:NOTRE Institute, in collaboration with local hosts.

The second LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum will take place
from 17th - 20th April 2013 in Rome
and is hosted by the Faculty of Architecture of University 'La Sapienza', Rome.


Meeting in the Middle
A point of contact for different landscape cultures

1 | Urban growth and peri-urban sprawl | landscapes of the contemporary city
2 | Sustainable tourism | strategies for landscape regeneration
3 | Heritage and identities | permanence vs. transformation
4 | Rural fringe | production or culture?


Preliminary programme

Rome's Landscape - An Introduction

Chapter I Roman landscapes and selected Portraits (draft)
Chapter II "Environment, ecology and natural structure"
Chapter III Conformation and transformation of the urban landscape in Rome (draft)
Chapter IV Rome and its territory
Index (in progress)

Excursion sites

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Call for poster abstracts

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A unique event

What makes the LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum different from other European landscape events is the focus on dialogue, debate and discourse. It provides a unique new opportunity to interact creatively with colleagues from a range of landscape disciplines in informal workshop and field visit settings. The aim is to create stimulating environment to promote the generation of both new teaching ideas and projects, for research and for collaboration between theory and practice. It is expected that a joint publication will result from the meeting, to which all participants will contribute.

Target Group

In addition to member organisations of the LE:NOTRE Project, the Forum aims to provide a discussion platform for a wide range of landscape issues at a European level. Target groups include

Welcome cocktail venue

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LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum will be held in Rome at the Faculty of Architecture at 'La Sapienza' University.

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Presentation: 2013 LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum in Rome

LE:NOTRE Landscape Forum 2013 in Rome


LE:NOTRE III Thematic Network Project
Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture
TU Wien, Operngasse 11, A-1040 Vienna, Austria

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